Trust Account Audit


Trust Account Audit Specialists

Atlas Auditing are Trust Account Audit Specialists based out of Queensland. Committed to our client’s businesses and their unique needs, our approach is to provide a customised service that ensures clients feel heard and expectations are met.

Most clients requiring an audit will need a certain level of personalisation in the delivery of this service. There may be a wide range of concerns that have been overlooked, and it is important to find errors early on, to stay compliant. Regardless of the size and scope of the trust account and the auditing requirements, you are in good hands at Atlas Auditing.

We offer solutions that will reduce the stress and uncertainty that comes with the process. Duties can be performed on-site within the Queensland area or online.

We are highly qualified in the provision of real estate trust account auditing, property management and automobile dealership trust accounts.

Benefits of working with Atlas Auditing

High Level of Expertise

You will have peace of mind working alongside Atlas Auditing. We are specialists in performing trust account audits, which means that we are fully capable of handling all client requirements.  

Personalised and Professional Service

Servicing all areas throughout Queensland, our audit solution is customised to meet the unique needs of each client. It’s that personal touch we are known for at Atlas Auditing. If you require us to work on-site, this is certainly achievable, otherwise, the audit process can be fulfilled online with ease. Regardless, you can anticipate a professional trust account audit catered to your specific requirements. 

Stress-Free Streamlined Process

We know that engaging in a trust account audit creates stress for our clients. Particularly if records have not been well managed previously or there are time constraints. Clients may find relief in the fact that we have perfected our process with the latest in technology. Our cloud-based technology grants us the ability to streamline the auditing process with full remote access. 

Attentive Client-Focused Service

The specialists at Atlas Auditing want to fulfil all of your needs. We listen to our clients and offer that close personal attention that gets results.  Collaborating with our clients, we will identify opportunities, highlight errors and discrepancies, and deliver a fully compliant trust audit. Throughout the process, you will acquire a greater understanding of how your trust account operates. This we know is of great importance to our clients, and we feel it is an important benefit passed on to businesses.  

Frequently asked questions

Business investment in property is often managed through a trust account. If you are dealing trust money and work as a real estate agent, a lease agent, as an auctioneer, automobile dealer or debt collector there is a specific legislation that you will need to adhere to: Agents Financial Administration Act 2014. It publishes specific auditing standards that you are legally responsible for complying with, alongside time crucial audit periods. Having a qualified trust account auditor like Atlas Auditing on hand to ensure you meet legal requirements is crucial to trust account management. The penalties for irregularities, or a failure to report are harsh and could affect your business reputation and wallet.

Trust accounts have different schedules for auditing based on whether the client is considered and Agent or an Accountant.