Process Tailored to your needs

Our aim is to make the audit process as smooth as possible for you. You can use our client portal to upload documents and see the progress of our audits.

However, some clients prefer to share documents via a Google Drive link.

Our process is tailored to your needs and we will follow your instructions if you prefer to use another method to conduct the audits.

Follow our 4 easy steps to Login / Register for Online SMSF Audits

Register Now Application Information Concept

Step 01

Register with us by clicking Register button. 

You will then be able to use our third party software immediately.


Step 02

You can directly add your funds on our portal from your BGL 360 account.

You can add one fund at a time, or in bulk.

Once the fund is added, you can download the trustee representation letter and our audit engagement letter for your fund. These documents need to be uploaded after the trustees have signed them.

To see how our client portal works please click on How to Manual button.


Step 03

Once a fund has been added, upload all permanent and yearly audit evidences and simply click a button for us to commence our audit.

Click the link below to download a list of permanent documents or yearly documents which we may require for our audit.


Step 04

You can log in at any time (24/7) from anywhere and download more than 40 templates to help you with your end of year compliance working papers.

You can also see the progress of our audit and once the audit is complete, you can download our audit report and management letter at any time.


To see how our client portal works, use the following credential to login:

Password: demo123

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