With over 580,000 SMSF in Australia, can you imagine the positive impact on the world if $30 is donated every time an audit is completed?
Atlas Auditing  aims to deliver a professional service that not only cares about his clients but also the wider communities.
$30 of our fees are reversed to associations and as there are many charities, maybe you would like to support multiple causes.  We want you to be involved in choosing whom we donate to. When you engage us, please provide details of the charities you would like to donate to. The following link can help you to decide what association you wish to donate to https://probonoaustralia.com.au/search-not-for-profits
Some of the charities that we have donated to include :
Medecins Sans Frontieres
Medecins Sans Frontieres – https://www.msf.org In more than 70 countries, Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors without boarders) provides medical humanitarian assistance to save lives and ease the suffering of people in crisis situations.
Food Bank – https://www.foodbank.org.au Your donation will help Australians who are struggling with hunger. For every $1 donated, Food Bank can supply enough food for 2 nutritious meals to someone in needs (that is 60 meals by audit 🙂 ).
Reconciliation Australia
Reconciliation Australia – https://www.reconciliation.org.au In a just, equitable and reconciled Australia, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children will have the same life chances and choices as non-Indigenous children, and the length and quality of a person’s life will not be determined by their racial background.
Child Fund
ChildFund Australia – https://www.childfund.org.au ChildFund Australia is an organisation that works to reduce poverty for children in developing communities. Your donation helps provide children with education, food & water, protection from disease and a safer environment.

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